Red Wharf Music, Nurse With Wound, Steven Stapleton, Red Wharf Artworks, Red Wharf Sculpture, Red Wharf Film and Video. Red Wharf Music - Artists: Graham Bowers, William Henshall, Mel-aka-Dr.Ian D Mellish. All artists original and unique musical compositions are for sale at iTunes, emusic, Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo music, Amazon and all the major music and video download sites. Red Wharf Artworks - Artists: Graham Bowers, Mel-aka-Dr.Ian D Mellish, John Smith-aka-John Lopez Smith, Clive Walley. All artists original and unique artworks are for sale on CD &amp; DVD. Red Wharf Sculpture - Artist: Graham Bowers. Figurative sculptures in traditional bronze and new technology sintering techniques. Red Wharf Film and Video - Artists: Graham Bowers,John Smith-aka-John Lopez Smith, Clive Walley. International Festival and Television award winning films and videos A showcase and shopwindow for musicians and visual artists whose work lies outside the mainstream. Red Wharf started life as a British independent record label. It was established in the mid 1990s by Graham Bowers as a vehicle to publish music and artists whose work was difficult to accurately place in any of the named genres, and consequently publishes works that spans avant garde/experimental/progressive/minimal/ambient/contemporary music. Red Wharf's musical output has now expanded and includes the works of William Henshall and Mel (Dr.Ian D Mellish) as well as that of Graham Bowers. The music label forms one aspect of Red Wharf, other artistic activities include painting, sculpture, stage design for theatre productions, soundscores for film and video, sound for art installations. Featured artists and their work in these areas include: John Smith-aka-John Lopez Smith , and a selection of works from his portfolio of anarchic paintings and animation. Clive Walley, the internationally renowned fine art animation artist, featuring a selection of his films and two dimensional artwork. Mel-aka-Dr. Ian D Mellish , and the Graphic Scores he originated as part of his musical works forming the basis of his thesis for his doctorate in electronic musical composition. William Henshall, and his contemporary composition Dark Opus (dancing with demons) ~ the first of several musical works planned for release. < br > Graham Bowers, and the artwork associated with his musical compositions, his sculptures and short films. Red Wharf has been involved for many years in the performance, visual and audio arts. Its involvement and contribution has been to create musical scores, direction, choreography, stage design, paintings and sculptures, both as collaborative commissions for various companies and theatre groups and solo projects in the form of paintings, sculptures and musical compositions. Red Wharf Music compositions are available as CD's and are the work of Graham Bowers who has developed his interest in creating sound scores into composing work with a dramatic bias that is a complete theatrical experience in itself. Contributing artists who have made these works possible are; Annie Billington, Tim Franks, Peter Benedict Gallagher, Mary Heathcote, William Henshall, Jim Keddie and Mark Porter.Red Wharf Musiccompositions defy conventional categorisation, spanning many genres of musical and artistic composition and styles, namely contemporary, classical, experimental, avant-garde, dramatic, powerful, evocative and sensitive. Red Wharf Music works are original examples of 'musical fine art'. Of Mary's Blood, Transgression, Eternal Ghosts, Pilgrim, Dark Opus (dancing with demons), Details 1 & 2, Details 3 & 4, Television and the Bomb, Washing Fluid Art are the published works to date from Red Wharf Music and red_wharf.





Red Wharf

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Limited Edition of 60

Apologises for the dark sections in the video ... compression

... the lunatics are running the asylum ...
A collaboration between Nurse With Wound (Steven Stapleton) and Graham Bowers

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Physically: A Mutation occurs when a DNA gene is damaged or changed in such a way as to alter the genetic message carried by that gene.

Mentally: Anything goes.

A big "Thank you" to Clive Walley who mapped the A470 in Wales by 'distance lap' rather than 'time lapse' ... and many, many years before Google..

A continuous musical track in six sections:


The CD is packaged in a special de-luxe matte 6 panel DigiPak and features stunning original artworks by Babs Santini.